Proteus Protective Services

Unarmed Officers

Our security services are tailored to your needs. Our unarmed static officers are stationed at various locations such as restaurants, schools, apartment complexes, motels, construction zones, sporting events, concerts, festivals, and other types of special events.

These professionally uniformed men and women can be a very effective deterrent against illegal activity or other threatening behavior. Those on duty will have specialized training in crowd control, bag searches, metal detection wands, patrols, and surveillance, in addition to any other appropriate specific training. Even though there may be thousands of people attending an event, unarmed security officers can nevertheless prove very effective in spotting potential problems, providing basic first aid and CPR if needed, and assisting law enforcement officers and other first responders in the event of an emergency.

Proteus Protective Services (PPS) officers are always expected to conduct themselves professionally. Their appearance and demeanor not only reflects on PPS, but can have a big impact on your location and/or event’s image. Our officers are very approachable to patrons, residents, and employees. We insist on top-level communication and de-escalation skills. Preventing a situation from becoming volatile is always the best security you can have and our officers know and understand that.

All of our officers are state licensed and insured and exceed the training level provided as a minimum to meet state FDACS qualifications. Because we know how important hiring only the best and most qualified applicants is to our clients’ safety, we go far beyond other security firms in our hiring and screening process. Oftentimes, we hire many U.S. military veterans including those from special forces, letting them put their skills and discipline to work protecting their fellow citizens.  We employ former law enforcement officers and current/former first responders such as certified EMT’s, Paramedics, and fire fighters.