Proteus Protective Services

Armed Officers

Today’s world is scary. Violence can occur at work, church, or even the grocery store. Mass shootings at workplaces, schools, and retail stores. Terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. Unarmed security personnel will often not have the stopping power they need to ensure safety and end these incidents. That’s why many businesses, facilities and organizations choose to employ armed officers. This extra level of protection for employees, students, and members of the public, brings incredible peace of mind.  Our armed officers display a professional law enforcement officer level of appearance, already offering a deterrent in the way they conduct themselves.  Our officers have access to the same equipment as your local law enforcement agency.  We carry “less lethal” options, so a firearm isn’t our only go-to option.  All of our armed officers are required to wear protective vests of IIIA+ protection.  Our officers are highly visible to provide peace of mind to your community, business or property.

Some clients station armed security officers at a guard post or entrance to a business such as a manufacturing, office, or healthcare facility. Other institutions such as gated residential communities, private members clubs or houses of worship often employ unarmed and armed officers to control crowds, check authorized entry and keep people safe.

People hire armed officers when they need a higher level of protection. Whatever the reason and specifics of the case, Proteus Protective Services’ officers have the skills needed to perform their duties with professionalism and to the highest possible ethical standards.

Armed security officers from PPS use randomized vehicle patrols and surveillance on their assignments. We provide real-time updates to the client and our central headquarters using digitally encrypted radio systems. Constant communication and a 24/hr hotline enable us to reroute officers to hotspots at a moment’s notice, and clients to check in on what is happening.